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Greenland Weddings

Greenland... one of my personal Nordic destination wedding loves!

Sadly, this fabulous icy country doesn't get enough love and attention from the destination wedding industry and frankly it should for many reasons!  

This Nordic wedding location is for couples who are truly fearless explorers at heart, cold weather lovers, and have an unquenchable curiosity!  Is this you?  If so, you can look forward to having a destination wedding or romantic elopement in one of the most mysterious places in the world (it's been said to be in the top 10)!

​Having a Wedding in Greenland means you are snuggled within the Arctic Circle and between several bodies of water such as Baffin Bay, Labrador Sea, Greenland Sea, and the Davis Strait... Who can say that they were married between all that?  Very few people in the world, I assure you!  

Plus what adventurous wedding couple wouldn't want to arrive to their Greenland wedding ceremony by dogsled?  Then partake in Greenland wedding adventures (or honeymoon) such as mountaineering, heliskiing, iceberg hunting, scuba diving, whale watching, and even flight seeing over the vast tundras!  

The list is seriously endless!  I can just see your Greenland wedding invitation now... 

"Save-the-Date: We're getting married in the Arctic Circle!"  

Heck yes!  Let's make it happen people... contact us!